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The night Hamish tried to stick his tongue down my ear (not as bad as it sounds)

It was way back on the 24/4 this year when I set out to see Matchbox 20 and The Feelers play at a venue near where I live for their Australian tour.  We got there around 6:30pm and people were already going in, so we pushed in the line and sat down on the floor way back from the stage.  Some sound check guy came out and one of my friends got up and ran to the stage, dragging me behind her.  This inspired every one to get up, but luckily we had enough momentum to get us to about 5 people from the front.  The mosh pit paked tight and I was stuck with one arm up in the air and one by my side.  So here we were, this tightly packed body, swaying back and forth for a sound guy (I bet that boosted his ego!!!) for about half an hour, and then suddenly The Feelers came out.

Now, I'd just recently heard of these guys, through Pressure Man being played on Triple J and had gone out and brought the single.  When I realised that these guys in front of me were the same band, I was stoked, and looked forward to an awesome set.  I wasn't disapointed.     

They were the best support band I've ever seen.  Even though they were still pretty new to Australia, the crowd really got into the music and were talking about them for ages after they finished.  They did about a half hour set, the definite highlight of which was Pressure Man, probably because I knew the song.  I got a look of surprise from Matt, because I was singing along and I doubt that they would have expected that.      

The funniest thing about it though was that James was psyched up enough to wear a dress on stage, which Rob Thomas actually said he stole from Paul Doucette (LMAO - refering to MB20's Real World video clip.  I was laughing my head off and just for the hell of it, I yelled out "Take it all off!"  Sunddenly everyone was yelling it too  AND, the funny thing was that he was actually going to do it if he got flashed by a female in the audience.  Unfortunately, my friend didn't have enough room to leaver herself onto my shoulders, so we missed that little . . . ummmmm . . . display.  And yes, my friend was ready to flash him - she has no shame.

When they finished their set, you knew that they had left an impression.  A huge round of applause and cheers followed their set and you could hear a loud whisper coming from every where - "Who were those guys, they were awesome!!!"     

Matchbox 20 followed and they were pretty good, but that's not why I'm righting, so I'll leave it at that.     

I managed to meet the guys for a split secong after the concert, because some of my friends made me wait at the back door to the theature for about an hour to meet MB20.  I'm not complaining though, because I got to chat to all the guys for a while, though mostly Hamish.  As soon as they came out, I went straight up to Hamish and started asking all these questions about the band, you know, CD release dates and info stuff, and it took him a while to get started because I think I took him by surprise.  After we chatted I even got a picture with all the guys and we were all doing some stupid poses, me with a psycho expression, and Hamish pretending to lick me (don't worry girls he was trying to make the photographer laugh and she was by the way, uncontrollably) I didn't get a chance to see what Matt and James were doing, because I ended up losing my camera (GODDAMN IT!!!).  They all signed my MB20 ticket too, because I had nothing else.      

OK, I hope you enjoyed that, I can't wait to see the guys in November and maybe, if I'm lucky in August when they do a promo tour.