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~The Feelers News Gallery~

This page will be updated every month as we post up everything to do with the Feelers in that month!!

~*14th March 1999*~

* Congrats, to the Feelers for being nominated for 9 awards at the 1999 NZ Music Awards, for more info go to

* The Feelers made the front page of the Rip It Up Magazine......go get it!!!! Theres a brilliant article in it and a very *funny* joke from James.

*Following the 9 nominations from the NZ Music Awards, the guys have annouced an April tour *YAY*. Here are the dates, and remember to get your tickets from Ticketek

*Sunday April 11th Auckland - Town Hall (7.30pm)

*Tuesday April 13th New Plymouth - TSB Stadium (7.00pm)

*Wednesday April 14th Wellington - Queen’s Wharf Events Centre (7.30pm)

*Thursday April 15th Nelson - Trafalgar Centre (7.30pm)

*Saturday April 17th Dunedin - Town Hall (7.30pm)

*Sunday April 18th Invercargill - Civic Theatre (7.30pm)

*Matttt was interviewd on Squeeze, and they also played Pull the Strings video. For all of you who saw it, you know exactly how good it was. It is probably one of their best videos. It has a lot of footage of the guys off and on stage on their 'Venus' tour last year. A must see!!!!!

*The Feeler guys were also on Homles on Friday 12th March. For all of you who didn't see it, you missed out on a lot!!! Thankgod my mum told me.......*hehe* The guys were interviewed at Hamish's place(he has a very nice place too), they ate A LOT of pizza......were playing on the playstation....jamming around on the drums, guitar, playing footy was heaps of fun!!!

*The Feelers are gonna play at 'The Big Bill' at Western Springs stadium. The tickets are $20, and Stellar,The Exponents Breathe and Semisonic(for the US) are gonna play go get your tickets NOW!!!!!!

*In the NZ charts, Supersystem is #7 and Venus is #39

~*Site News*~

*Well, this place hasn't been updated for about a month....*sorry*, we have a good reason though...Julia has moved down to Dunedin for Uni, and shes been really busy and as for Nilanka, well she started school in Feb. and has been hit hard by the mean and awful teachers in her school with hmwk,assignments bare with us people

~*21st January 1999*~

*The Feelers have been confirmed to play at the 'Big Nite Out'along with some other NZ bands, however we don't know the date of the gig, so you better keep checking at the Official site

*In the latest issue of Rolling Stone Australia has a small interview with James in it, In the opening paragraph of the Rolling Stone article it mentions 'just who are these Christchurch boys'(so for you Aussie's make sure you go buy the mag!)

*Well 'Supersystem' is #3 on the NZ Chart, and Venus is clinging onto #5.

*The official site has been up dated, its looking great but is still under construction. Make sure you join the official mailing list, to get all the info and goodies about the band. You can also make a statment on this Feelers list digest (mailing list)

*The next single to be released is Pull the Strings / Friend, which is already being played on radio stations around the country!!

*It was Hamish's 24th birthday on the 14th!! Happy b-day Hamish!!!

*The Feelers preformed at the 'Big Day Out' on 15th January 1999, and boy did they do a rockin' preformance!!! The guys played for a full hour playing (just to mention a few songs), Pressure Man, Space Cadet, Venus, Supersystem, Albino, The Leaving, Pull the strings and Friend (maybe Honey god too, can't remember*L*) The NZ herald awarded James as 'Best impresionist as an Native American' for his little dance he did towards the end in the review section. As for Matttt, well he did a brilliant bass set, he dyed is hair red which looked really wicked!! Hamish was behind the drums, doing his thing and to quote Jinxee "the phantom feeler" was there too (Tim) More about it in the review section, and possibally with photo's too!!!