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The Official Feelers website!
The Feelers Appreciation Page
The Supersystem
A Feelers tribute
Fine Feeling Feelers
Sexyfeelers Feelers Page
Pull the strings
The Feelers
The Leaving
The Feelers on the Ultimate Band list!

Warner Australia, the Australian Branch of the feelers record company.
Click here to check out the latest Australian news as well as excellent Auzzie acts such as Regurgitator and The Superjesus

  Resonance: New Zealand bands on the net. Contains lots of kiwi band links

  Downtown Net CD, information on music, includes a press release on the feelers and photos, included on this site is the New Zealand Top 50 Singles Chart

RDU, University of Canterbury Student Radio,   Info on "Sampler" a compilation album featuring the feelers before their signing to Warner Music.

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