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The Feelers are on the verge of finally living up to the hefty expectations that have followed them for three years. The Christchurch, New Zealand trio, which first hit the headlines in 1994 when they won the Battle of the Bands competition in Dunedin, released their first single in two years on November 21st 1997 with 'Pressure Man' "It's been a frustrating time," says singer/songwriter/guitarist James Reid. "But it's been worth it. We've come through it as a much better band." 'Pressure Man' is the first release from Reid, bassist Matt Thomas and drummer Hamish Gee since their 1995 EP 'The Leaving'. While that recording received some airplay on selected radio nation-wide, a lack of direction from The Feelers then-management saw their potential remain unfulfilled. That won't be a problem now that The Feelers have signed a record deal with Warner Music. After securing the deal in December 1996, the trio moved to Auckland in July and began a five month limit in the York St Studios recording tracks for an album due out midway through 1998. 'Pressure Man' is the early result of those sessions with producer Malcolm Welsford. The loss of guitarist Tim Skedden early last year has seen The Feelers replace their familiar "wall of sound" with a more dynamic radio-friendly groove. "We've all matured," says Reid. "We have a better understanding of what we want to achieve. I know I'm a better songwriter than two years ago and we're better musicians. "The concept behind 'Pressure Man' is that we are all under control of gravity - nobody has total control because we all get pushed around by someone at some stage. Later in 1998, The Feelers released ‘Supersystem’, their second single followed by their album ‘Supersystem’ released in August 1998. ‘Space Cadet’, the band’s third single was released in the same year along with their forth single ‘Venus’ released towards the end of ’98. The next single the band is going to release in 1999 is called ‘Pull the strings’. But the irony is that, finally, The Feelers - with a new record deal and a new single - seem in control of their own destiny.

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